The Bucket List

I looked at a blog recently where the author crossed off her bucket list as she completed it. When I think of the places I’d love to see, I know without a doubt I’ll never see/do most of them, but it’s always fun to dream!

I have such a travel bug that my bucket list would be thousands of items long, if I let it. So maybe I’ll just stick to the top ten, for now.


1. See the fjords in Norway.

2. Hike the trails in Glacier National Park, Montana.

3. Visit Alaska. Any of it.

4. Go to Switzerland, see the Alps, ride a gondola.

5. Explore a country in the Caribbean.

6. Visit a castle in Germany.

7. See the Canyonlands, Arches and Zion. You can never have too many desert national parks.

8. Be the first in the USA to see the sunrise. While Nate and I didn’t drive up Cadillac Mountain in Acadia to see the sunrise, we did go to Jordan Pond below Cadillac to see it. And we did drive up Cadillac Mt., so I’m counting it!

9. Vacation on Prince Edward Island in a little bed & breakfast.

10. Hike along Oregon’s rocky coast.

Just thinking about places I’d love to see makes me itch to buy a plane ticket! It’ll be fun to see how many, if any at all, I get to cross off over the years!


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