I’m Janelle. I love sunshine, conversations over a cup of coffee, little downtown shops and cozy sweaters on Saturdays. I take my coffee black. I have an obsession with making mountain summits and a travel-bug that I just can’t kick.  I’m detail-oriented, but I love to dream big. And I like to pretend I have a creative side when I steal crafting inspiration from Pinterest.

I work as a school counselor/enrichment director at a small Christian school in southeastern PA. I love my job and the ever-changing roles I get to play there. Teaching students and reaching them for Christ at the same time is a wonderful ministry to be a part of. This year’s challenge: teaching health to high school freshmen. You wear many hats in a Christian school, as I very quickly found out when I was hired last August.

My husband is my biggest support and source of encouragement, and has been since we started dating half a decade ago. We got married in June, and since I’m sure I’ll refer to him constantly, his name is Nate and I love him to pieces.

And that just about sums up me! I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it! Feel free to explore, comment, encourage, suggest, and advise!



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