Hello, Summer.


Oy – Am I horrible at blogging or what?

Here’s a quick catch up of the last — six months!? (um, I also see that my post before that was last summer, so obviously I’m amazing at keeping a blog)

January – February – March – April – May were lesson planning, teaching, keeping warm with caffeine-saturated beverages, board games with the most amazing neighbors (that you get to see more of below!!), and kittens! Life has been flying by and it’s hard to believe that I’m already one month into my summer break. Crazy crazy.

The beginning of June got really ambitious, complete with our family room turning into a construction zone and the kitties losing lives by the minute from the terror of it all. The construction zone is not cleaned up yet, because I am a slow builder and southeastern Pennsylvania gets too stinking hot to do anything in the summer! (sorry Pennsylvania – I love you, but give me a Buffalo summer any moment)

So. To celebrate summer, friendship, anniversaries and new jobs, a week ago we left our house in shambles and headed up the coast with our favorite people for the best Mainecation ever (thanks, Marissa, for that awesome hashtag to steal. You’re the best and your hashtags are on point).

Mountaintops, lobster rolls, gazillions of dogs, puffins, and angry loons all made appearances during our amazing, awesome, fantastic week – so basically, we had the best time.


Here’s to a week of mountains, sea, shower-less campgrounds, and massive amounts of dry shampoo:


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