Old doors and their usefulness

As I sit here sipping a cup of piping hot Russian Spice tea (the name sucked me in today – usually it’s coffee for me any moment of the week), I can’t help thinking about my last blog post (July!) and how much crazy has happened since then. What a whirlwind few years this adventure in PA has been! Life seems to constantly be changing in some new way every few months, leaving Nate and I with just enough breathing room to take out the garbage and throw in a load of laundry every week. A little bit of an exaggeration, but we have been constantly busy since we made the move to Pennsylvania three and a half years ago (and um, can we talk about how it’s been 3.5 years already?!).

Life might start to slow down a bit, though (we hope!). With quite a few adulting items checked off of our list now it has to slow down – right? I’m being overly optimistic, I’m sure, but I’m envisioning a slow winter of hot drinks, kittens, lesson planning, and books. And don’t any of you squash down that dream with reminders about bills and home repairs and shoveling!


Along with a busy six months, Nate and I have squeezed a few projects in that are currently in various stages of completion. We’ve finished a couple, but in the spirit of the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR (yay Christmas!) I wanted to share this quick and fun project I finished up yesterday afternoon while humming Christmasy music:



An old cupboard door, a little chalkboard paint, a couple chalkboard markers and I have a new Christmas decoration! Or anytime decoration – Yay! Never pass up an old door if it is offered to you. You can do so many things with them! (Or if you don’t have a use for it you can just hand it on over to me – I’ll buy you a coffee and shower you with conversation). Chalkboard markers, by the way, are my favorite. Easy to use, easy to clean up, no dust. The. Best.

Much Love!


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