Farmhouse Table: Part 2

If you haven’t been brought up to date with the latest ambitious project Nate and I have started, head over here to see the original post.

A quick recap: Nate found a $40 solid wood farmhouse table (with six chairs!) at a yard sale. And like the amazing and thrift-loving husband he is, he made sure to get it for us to refinish. After failed attempts and major sanding (and mostly Nate working – I can’t really take any credit for this one), we finally have the table refinished! No chairs, but they’ll come.

Once again, the start:


Really not too shabby, but the reddish-stain top was more dinged up than you can tell here. There were plenty of water marks and other knicks in it. And I’m personally more of a white-paint fan than a forest green.

And after:


After ages of sanding, we finally had the top where we wanted it to stain it. We use a pre-stain and Minwax Early American for the top. The legs and frame we actually spray-painted, to get that shiny paint sprayer look. It looks a little silly sans chairs, but they’re coming along slowly.

Eek! Projects that look the way you hope make me just giddy.


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