The Pine Tree State

I cannot get enough of Maine.

I got to travel unexpectedly this summer with my sister-in-law and two of our friends up to Bar Harbor and Acadia. What a wonderful, unplanned thing that was!

If you’ve ever wondered if it’s worth the trip, the answer is yes. Yes. Yes, Yes, Yes.

Favorite Stops & Things

1. Bubble Mountains from Jordan Pond. If you ever get up to Acadia, make this one of your stops! There’s even an easy 3 mile walk/mini-hike around the lake.

2. Carriage roads! There are so many old stone bridges around in the park, and each one is different. The park ranger we talked to recommended one she called “five bridges in five miles”.  Her challenge to us was that we look for the dates carved into the stone on each bridge.

3. Bubble Mountains. Last year Nate and I hiked up them. The view is great, and there’s even a huge rock up there just balancing on the very edge!

4. The best views are on Park Loop Road. Nate and I spent most of our time around the road last year and loved it, so it was so nice to be able to see it again so soon!

5. Cadillac Mountain, of course. It was windy last year, it was windy this year. You just have to accept squinty pictures up there, I guess.

6. And a lighthouse, because what is the New England coast without old lighthouses? The one on Mount Desert Island (aka where Acadia and Bar Harbor are) is called the Bass Harbor lighthouse and is owned by the coast guard. Oh, and I love to scramble on rocks.

7. Bar Harbor. If there was an award for cutest town, this one would be in the running. Estes Park would also have a good shot.

8. The coast of Maine. Period. Definitely is on my list of favorites. You get it all—rocky shorelines, mountains, ocean, sand. It has everything.

Oh, and click a picture if you want to know what it’s of!

Part 2– Newport

We stayed overnight in Newport, RI to break the trip up on the way back to PA. One night in a sweet b&b (Pilgrim House—definitely recommend it), a bit of time on the cliff walk, and a tour of the Breakers was about all we had time for, but it was a nice little stop on the way home!

Things to do/see:

1. The cliff walk—a path right on the edge of the cliff that lets you walk right past all of the old and new mansions on the coast. And it’s free—so how could you not take it?!

2. The Breakers—one of the gazillion homes of the Vanderbilts. I think my audio-tour complete with ultra-awesome headphones told me it was a summer cottage? Of course it was.

3. Just stroll around Newport! There are so many little shops, cafes, and restaurants to explores!

Summary: I visited New England for the first time (well, with the exception of riding a ferry across Lake Champlain to VT for the day when I was oh, seven or eight) seven years ago. I loved it then and I love it now. One of my favorite places to visit, that’s for sure.

Oh, and a big thank you to Rosie and strangers for taking all of these wonderful pictures!

Much love!


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