Add a Little Mint: Dresser Remodel

Sitting here sipping a cup of black raspberry tea (yum) makes me feel like work just can’t be starting  back up again tomorrow. After 8 days in Florida chaperoning the seniors, two little days back at work, and then a 5-day weekend, I am really, really, really out of the work groove. I think I’ll just drink coffee and tea, read books, and blog for the rest of eternity.

Obviously, with such a long weekend, I should have taken serious advantage of it and finished my dear, bright & cheery coffee station, but…

…instead I started a new project! It’s always more fun to start something than to finish it. Oh, someday the coffee station will be finished, but I need Nate to help me pick out the right wood for shelves and we need it to not be cold or rainy so we can use the saw outside. Excuses, am I right?

Nate saw this beat up dresser on Craigslist back in the fall before we moved. Whoever owned it had put it by the curb for anyone to pick up, so we drove several blocks over in the city (to Chestnut St, which is the most adorable street in the city by far) to check it out. Poor Nate carried the dresser (sans drawers, we could fit those in the car) for nine blocks through the city at night. What a perfectly wonderful husband.


You can see how the bottom drawers are broken. Someone either broke or removed the tracks for them. No matter, I like making doors.


So here’s the plan: the bottom three drawers turn into two shelves, add doors, keep the top two drawers, and paint. Or, do those things in any order and make it happen. I have a somewhat haphazard way of working on projects. Thank goodness for Nate’s logic to keep me from butchering every piece of furniture I try to fix!

I really love mint, so I went to Home Depot and bought a shade called ‘glass tile’, which I think must be the prettiest mint color I’ve ever seen. Oh, and I love the detail on the dresser between the top two drawers. ADORABLE.


The one edge needs a little TLC, so I’m a little stalled on the project now that most of the paint is on. Nothing a little wood putty can’t fix!




See, what a perfect color (Well, in the pictures where I could get good light. Curse you, dark family room!)!


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