Deck the halls!

Today is Christmas-decorating day!

Our Christmas decorations are sparse this year—no big tree, no ornaments, no lights. Why would we opt to not decorate for the best holiday of the year? Great question!

Here’s a piece of huge news: Nate and I have bought a HOUSE!!!!!!

And here’s the huger news: We settle three days before Christmas. Eeeeeeeek can you say stressful?

We are so excited. And scared, of course. I keep going back and forth between panic and elation. It is so exciting to be so close to owning our own home… but boy is it a big chunk of money to wrap your head around. But seriously, we can’t wait to move in and make it our own!

So. While it would be silly to put up a tree to take it right down, I did dig out a few easy Christmas things to make our last month in our apartment festive and cheery!


A vintage tea kettle from Nate’s grandmother (I just got this gorgeous thing yesterday – hooray!). Gold and Christmas just go together, so that makes this fair game for a decoration, right?


My pre-decorated mini Christmas tree from my days as a Starbucks barista. Yes, I did indeed take home one of the store decorations. No shame, it’s cute.


A little reindeer bowl from Ten Thousand Villages. Live fair, folks. Fair trade is the best.


And a pretty candle holder from Bath & Body Works. I feel so fancy every time we light it!

What will you do to make your home festive and bright this month?

Much love!


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