Peppermint Sugar Scrub

I tried something new! I stumbled across an adorable blog thanks to Pinterest the other day [The Idea Room] and found oodles of great posts and ideas. One of my favorites – sugar scrubs! I picked up the few ingredients she listed (I substituted peppermint extract for those expensive essential oils and left out the coloring – some of the comments mentioned skin turning pink with the colored scrub) and within a few minutes, poof! It smells amazing and works well, too! A+ in my book. The best part is you can pretty much substitute any scent you want into the scrub. Lemon, coconut, pumpkin spice… endless seasonal possibilities!

Go here to make your own:


And if you’re like me and want a Christmas-y scent to kick off the best season, the author even includes a free pdf of the label she made for hers! Perfect!


Much love!


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