Roadside Treasures

Life is about to get busy again! The students were back on Thursday, so the school year is officially underway! I cannot believe summer is (more or less) over already. And I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the idea of going back to school in August. Ever.

But I am so excited for the year, to see students again, to sit in my office and sip coffee while I do various things (or, more accurately, run around the building while sipping my coffee). It’s going to be a great one!

And to top things off, last week on the way home from somewhere – Chick-fil-A maybe? – Nate and I saw a beat up old cabinet on the curb. Score! Nate gave me a look when I said I wanted it, because up close it looked SO hideous, but the wheels were already turning in my head. I could see the amazing new piece it could become. And for a free roadside unwanted treasure – well you can’t beat that!

I’ll let you look first and explain all I did after. Honestly, it wasn’t much. And I’m  not done! I think some chevron, aka the best pattern ever, is in order… unfortunately, you need to let one color dry before you add another!


See, ick!!






The original cabinet is just covered in a laminate, so I just used a fine sand paper to rough up the surface enough to give the paint a better surface to grip. Then I used my all-time favorite gray color, antique tin by Behr, in satin to cover the ugly fake wood laminate (p.s. the color in the last picture is what antique tin actually looks like, not the weird blue-ish washed out look!). The hardware on the cabinet was cheap and small; I replaced it with heavier, simple knobs. I’m all about simple hardware. And for now, that’s all! I’m going to work on a stencil over the next few days to add some funky chevron to complete the do-over. Eek, so excited about this!


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