The Magic of a Saw and a Staple Gun


And so ends my mini-vaca to Buffalo. The last four days have been some of the best of my summer. I can never get enough time with family! I knew while I was here there would be a lot of down time when everyone was at work or helping out with VBS at church in the evenings, so I naturally found a cheap, easy project to put together. Sorry in advance for the dim pictures; I did most of this in the evening!

What you’ll need:

3/4 inch boards cut into four pieces (two 1.25 in x 16 in, two 1.25 in x 13.5 in)

3/4 yd of fabric (it should be at least the same amount wide)

pocket screw driver and screws


wood glue

staple gun

– makes 16×16 in frame

Here we go!

STEP 1: Iron and cut. My fabric was fairly wide, so I was actually able to get two out of the deal. I picked up my fabric in the remnants bin at Hobby Lobby for about $4. I grabbed a fabric that was thicker so it wouldn’t stretch or tear as easily (but really, if I’m being honest, the anchors pulled me in from the moment I laid eyes on it. Who can say no to nautical?)


STEP 2: Cut your boards. Here I had a little bonus assistance. My Dad is a mastermind when it comes to building anything out of wood. He had these already lying around from his kitchen project and cut them for me (the best Dad!). He suggested pocket holes in the shorter pieces of wood to hold the frame securely, but if you don’t have access to a pocket hole jig, my original plan was to use nails.


STEP 3: Secure your frame. Add a touch of wood glue to the end of the short boards to give it a little extra security. Use a few clamps to hold the frame tight while you add screws (or nails).


STEP 4: Admire.


STEP 5: Arrange your fabric. If you have a pattern, this step is definitely important. Move it around a bit, see what looks best!


STEP 6: Pull out your staple gun. Start with one edge and make sure you’re happy with how it is lined up. Fold the edge over itself before you staple to keep the frayed edges rolled inside. This will keep your frame from unraveling over time!


I folded the corners down like I would if I was wrapping a Christmas present, then stapled in place.



And you’re done! How easy was that!? I just love how they turned out!


The best part was how cheap this turned out to be. Even if I had needed to purchase the wood, it would have been extremely affordable! Definitely an easy peasy alternative to purchasing something similar from a home decor store, and I got to choose the pattern!


Much love!


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