The Never-Ending Window Project: Part 2

This week has been just wonderful! Aside from studying for certification exams, this week has been just excellent. Mini-golf, morning coffee, soccer golf, dinner with Daddy, yard sales, crafting, reading. THIS is summer.

Last time I shared the picture below, an almost-finished version of my painted window.


The only thing left was a paint job to match this frame to another I’ve been working on since January. Hopefully both will be done and hanging on my walls soon! I think I may have mentioned once or twice how much I love the paint samples you can get at hardware stores. I’ll mention it again. I LOVE THEM. I would much rather buy a little can of paint for two or three dollars for a small project than pay for something larger. And because it is so affordable, I can find a color I really like and not feel like I’m wasting paint I already have or breaking the bank for something I’ll use so little of. Perfect. The gray I bought months ago for the other frame is one of my favorites. Behr from Home Depot, antique tin. It has a dark blue-gray tone to it that I just love.

I removed the window hardware, masked the edges and gave several light coats to the frame. Please, please, whenever you paint, unless you are amazing, just mask it. I’ve seen too many awful freehand paint jobs (the walls in my kitchen) to excuse anyone from masking, unless you are a stinking professional. You don’t even need to get blue painter’s tape for a little project – just use the regular and cheat, like me!


All that was left after painting was to scrub the hardware mostly clean of old paint, reattach, and remove the masking tape.


And there you have it! All ready to hang!



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