String Menagerie

If you’re curious how nail/string art works, I’ve added a mini sheep to my quickly growing collection

DSCN3385 DSCN3388 DSCN3391 DSCN3393 DSCN3395 DSCN3398

What you will need:

  • wooden block (A.C. Moore has a selection of unfinished blocks of various sizes/prices)
  • wood stain
  • nails
  • cotton yarn
  • paper/printed pattern
  • sand paper (optional)

How to do it:

  • Sand any rough edges and stain the wood. If you’ve never used wood stain before, I’d recommend looking up a few YouTube tutorials first.
  • Make your pattern. Keep in mind that detailed, intricate patterns will be harder to recreate with nails. The bigger and simpler the pattern, the easier it will be to make.
  • Lay your pattern on top of your (dried) wooden block.
  • Hammer nails around your pattern, leaving a small space in between each.
  • Tug your pattern away from the block and clean up any leftover paper scraps caught in the nails.
  • Begin winding the cotton yard around the outside edge of your pattern. Keep the cut end long and loose. Then work your way inside, zigzagging back and forth across between nails.
  • When you’re satisfied with how filled in your pattern is, wind back around to your loose end and tie the two ends around a nail.
  • Cut off and tuck in the loose ends.



2 thoughts on “String Menagerie

  1. This craft has opened up new artistic avenues in my non-creative life! It only took a couple hours for me to make and is quite inexpensive. It’s going to make a great gift for the lady friend. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope all is well!


    Liked by 1 person

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