The Mountains are Calling Me

As those closest to me know, I can never get enough of mountains. Whether you’re talking about the green, pine covered Adirondacks in upstate New York, the snow-capped Rockies, or the glacier-formed Olympics, I never get tired of them. My travel Pinterest page is covered with images of Alaska, Switzerland, Scandinavia, and any snow-covered peak I come across. I admire them, hike them, summit them (well, the little ones. I’m no rock climber).

I think I love what a picture they paint of God’s power, his creativity, and my smallness. Nothing can make you feel so small like looking at something so big.


So when it’s May and there’s no immediate possibility of going to one, and I’ve exhausted the Pinterest cache of mountains to pin, I turn to the next best thing: mountain-inspired crafts.

When Nate and I were in Colorado, we saw so much wildlife… elk, mule deer, moose, birds. I have never, in all of my trips to various places, actually seen wildlife beyond say, a squirrel. Or a marmot, which is essentially a glorified woodchuck.


So I took some inspiration from my wildlife-filled honeymoon, bought some wood stain and nails, and…


Something to remind me of hiking, of mountains, of nature while I’m sitting in my city apartment, and something to cover a bit more of our interestingly painted walls! Win on both ends.

Edit 12/28/2015: For a visual of how I make these, head over to my World Map String Art post!


Much love!


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