In Like a Lion

I got my snow day! Two, actually. Every storm this winter has gone north of us into the PA mountains, or south of us into Maryland. Lancaster county has missed every stinking storm. Until Thursday! I don’t know how much we ended up with, but it was enough to convince school districts to close Friday as well. There. I’m satisfied. Spring can come now.

The extra days gave Nate and I some time to catch up on a little work… you know, the work you don’t have time for during the day because of the, well, students you’re teaching. And time to make trips out that serve more than the purpose of cleaning our clothing or stocking our cupboards. We even walked around downtown for First Friday last night (and saw some awesome art) and went out to eat with some friends from college in Kutztown today. Right now Nate’s out playing floor hockey with some of the men from the young adults group at church. I feel like our social life is thriving and our days are filled with fun activities. If only it could last!

I’m working on two projects right now (because one just isn’t enough!), and this weekend has been the perfect time to make a little progress on both of them.

Last week I posted how to make these ceramic tile wall hangings, but I didn’t say how I kept thinking they needed something else. They didn’t jump out to me enough when I looked at them on the wall. So I thought about it for a week and decided yesterday at A.C. Moore that I needed more tiles and that they all needed a border to frame them and make them a little more exciting. I walked out with some new scrapbook paper and some craft paint (I picked metallic gold by Nicole(TM), only $1 per tube). I dotted the craft paint along the edge of the paper, and used about a tube and a half for all five tiles. All in all, the five tiles cost me about $15 to make. Not to shabby when I think about the price of something similar at a home goods store. Honestly, the most expensive part of the entire project was the Mod Podge, which obviously can be used for so many other things.


I thought the Manhattan map and the bold, black stripes were fun additions.


I can’t wait to hang them tomorrow when they’re completely dry!

The other project is so much bigger, and so much slower in coming together. I have an old window frame – we’re talking like 100 years old here – I’m remaking to frame a wedding picture. Unfortunately…I’ve cracked two pieces of glass out of six and will have to wait a while before I can get the glass from another matching window frame to replace the ones I shattered. The glass is so old, I feel like the slightest tap can break it. But the bubbles in the glass and the waves you can see looking from different angles are so awesome.

Here’s just a peek…I can’t wait until it’s finished!!


I know most of you are probably not thankful that March came in roaring this year (but really, doesn’t it usually?), but I couldn’t be more grateful. To have two snow days in a row to play catch-up and spend time with my husband and see friends from our college years… I couldn’t be more thankful. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the exhaustion and busy-ness of a work week, and to spend the weekend trying to squeeze in all of the errands and laundry, that I forget to slow down and just spend time doing the things I enjoy and to make time for the people I love and care about. So, despite the cold and the snow piles and the road salt, thank you March for being lion.

But, if things started to get warmer now, I definitely won’t complain, either!


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