Chasing Away the Blues

It’s no secret I love bulky sweaters and thick scarves, tall fashion boots and leg warmers. But at some point, winter just has to end. I’ve had my fill of bitter cold days this year. Most of my family lives up around Buffalo, New York, and I’m sure reading this they all are shaking their heads, telling me I have no idea. I’m sure I don’t, but we are twenty degrees below average temperature, so that must still count for something.

When it’s cold like this and I’m stuck inside night after night, my creative side starts to get itchy. Unfortunately, when you live in a small apartment, you can only get so creative before you run out of space. So instead of filling our floor space, I’m concentrating on the walls.

Ceramic tiles can be so useful. I’ve seen countless projects where people have turned smaller tiles into coasters, coffee table tops, serving trays, etc. They’re affordable (the smallest being at little as $0.16 at Home Depot) and easy to work with. All you really need is Mod Podge, a sponge, and scrapbook paper. One of my favorite projects has always been the one with the coasters, probably because I love them so much (not a hint to any of you out there, I have more than any person ever needs!).

Anyway. I started thinking one day, why couldn’t I make some coasters. Some big, big coasters to cover some wall space?

I bought some scrapbooking paper with fun patters and cut them so that I had a ¼ inch tile boarder around the paper.



After wiping down the tiles, I applied a coat of Mod Podge to the surface.


I carefully set the paper in place and applied another coat of Mod Podge to seal the paper. It’s awesome what a layer of Mod Podge will do to something. I love that stuff.


I let it dry and there you have it! A DIY wall hanging!


The trickiest part was figuring out how to hang it. Because I used ceramic tiles, there wasn’t a great way I could attach hooks or wires to help it hang on a wall. I actually put the project away for several weeks, just because I couldn’t think of a great way to hang it up.

Finally, after Googling a bit and walking around Home Depot for over an hour, I came away with some D-hooks, Gorilla glue made for metal and ceramic, and some nails.


I sanded the back of the D-hooks a bit to give the glue a little more surface area to grab. I’m pretty pleased with the result. The glue job doesn’t look beautiful, but you can’t see the glue when it’s on the wall, so that doesn’t matter one bit!


I’m still thinking about jazzing them up a bit more, but I definitely like the way they fill the space between our long windows! Not to mention how easy the project was! Win-win.


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