Cupid around the Corner

I’m taking it slow today. The temperature is in the teens, but the sun is shining through our living room windows and my cup of tea is making me feel sleepy and relaxed. No plans, no reason to leave, just me and a blanket and a mug.


The only thing missing is the snow. But the forecast shows a chance of snow Sunday night, so maybe I’ll get a little bit of winter after all! I have to admit, as nice as it is to have warmer weather all around, a winter with a snow dusting is a little disappointing for a Buffalo girl. Give me a snow storm!

But frigid days with tea are a promising start to a weekend snow forecast – they’re also the perfect days to craft and card-make!

Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day if you’re a Parks and Rec lover like me) is just two weeks away now, which means I had a card or two to craft. To be honest, I’m usually not much of a Valentine’s Day girl, but I’m feeling mushier than usual this year!


If you’re into homemade cards like me but a little short on ideas, here’s a quick, simple card you can put together:

DIY Valentine’s Day Card

What you’ll need:

  • Cardstock of various colors
  • Heart Template (print onto 4×6 index card)
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue dots
  • HeartTemplate3in

STEP 1: Cut a rectangle out of the cardstock 8 ½ in. by 4 ¼ in. Fold in half.


STEP 2: Out of a different color cardstock, cut a square 3 7/8 by 3 7/8 in. Attach to the front of the card.


STEP 3: Cut four hearts. Fold each in half.


STEP 4: Glue three halves of the hearts together.


STEP 5: Attach to the card and you’re done! Add a little greeting to your card or leave the front blank. So simple, and so cute!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


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