Origami Hearts

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a gift to teachers. I love today. SO much accomplished and an entire afternoon to relax and craft. I realized this weekend, as I sanded a window frame and bought paint at Home Depot, that crafting relieves my stress. Even with the giant mess I always make and have to clean up, somehow I always feel more relaxed when I’ve finished creating something. And looking at paint chips at Home Depot Saturday didn’t hurt, either.

A while ago I posted a picture of these origami paper hearts that I just love as a decoration, especially because they cost me less than $10! As I was cleaning and procrastinating today, it occurred to me that they would make a super cheap and easy Valentine’s Day decoration!

What you’ll need:

  • 0pen card stock (aka scrapbooking paper, solid or print)
  • glue gun
  • florist stems (straight, not on a spool)
  • vase

I found all of my supplies at A.C. Moore. The florist stems (not sure if that’s exactly the term for them) I found with the vases and floral supplies. What matters most with the stems is having a straight rod sturdy enough to support the paper heart on the end. I ended up choosing a metal wire that had a little resistance when I bent it.

Step 1: Cut a rectangle out of your paper 2 in x 4 in. If you want larger or smaller hearts, any size with a ratio 1:2 will work. You’ll have to do the math to figure out how much you need to change the rest of my measurements if you want a different size! Just a note, if you have a horizontal pattern like me, cut the rectangle so that the pattern is vertical if you want it to end up horizontal. You’ll see at the end, but these bikes end up facing up and down instead of across because I started with the pattern horizontal.


Step 2: Fold the rectangle in half.


Step 3: Open the rectangle back up. Turn it over so that the wrong side is facing up. Fold the paper about a quarter of an inch from the bottom. Make sure it has a good crease. DSCN3270

Step 4: Fold each edge into the middle to create the bottom point of your heart.


Step 5: Flip the paper over. The wrong side should stick out of the top about 1/4 inch (the pink part).DSCN3273

Step 6: Fold the right edge (where the pink is) toward the center. I usually fold until it meets the vertical edge about 1/4 inch out from the center (where the blue starts). Do the same for the left edge.


Step 7: Fold the top corners in. I line up the fold with the horizontal line 1/4 inch from the top.


Step 8: Flip the paper over to the right side. You can stop here if you like how it looks. I go one step further and fold each top edge back a little to make the heart less pointy at the top.


Step 9: Like so


Step 10: Now grab your glue gun! Open the middle of your heart up and put a thin line of glue down the center. Before the glue dries, insert the floral stem and hold the heart closed until the glue is dry.



Step 11: Not really a step, but you’re done! I made about 15 of them and stuck them in a blue-tinted vase (because I love match-y things). It looks so cute sitting on my little coffee table! I’m tempted to go out and buy Valentine’s Day themed colors to add a little romance to the living room. Any excuse to go to a craft store!


Happy crafting!


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