To Make a House a Home

Or in my case, an apartment! I think I promised a look at our apartment months ago when we first moved in, but it’s taken so long to make things feel homey that I just couldn’t bring myself to share parts with you until now!

If you saw last week’s post, you know I built this coffee table with my dad during my Buffalo visit. Nate and I have finished putting our little living room together, complete with rug and awesome decorative bowl Nate bought me for Christmas. The coffee table is a perfect fit for the room; a little bit rustic, a little bit nice. And I love that my mug has somewhere to sit other than the floor!

DSCN3206DSCN3214 DSCN3211

That little side table/nightstand we refinished back in late August looks great in there, too! And it’s the most perfect place to stick a lamp from Ten Thousand Villages and coffee bean filled mason jar. I’m in love with all of the shades of blue and bold prints in this room.


The other rooms are slowly coming together. The light purple kitchen walls make it hard to do anything in there. I don’t own anything that matches. Purple is just not my color. Thanks to the craft counter my dad built for me for a college graduation gift, we now have actual counter space in the kitchen. Add the free window frames I re-purposed and this amazing Catherineholm enamel bowl Nate bought me for Christmas, and the room is on its way. Except for the purple walls, of course.



Nate not only found me a nearly perfect condition Catherineholm bowl, but he also illustrated a picture of all sorts of Catherineholm goodies that I love but will never be able to afford. Catherinehome, by the way, is the much more awesome Norwegian version of vintage Pyrex. And one of the designers for the company has the last name of Kittleson – I’m claiming the connection, false or not. The company went out of business sometime in the mid-twentieth century, so you can imagine that there isn’t a ton left in good condition. Good work, husband.

The bathroom has a dose of Colorado in it to liven things up. I snagged these postcards on our honeymoon and grabbed the frames at Target (of course) for a few dollars each on Black Friday. The light blue walls aren’t helping, but at least I have my blue chevron shower curtain to keep things interesting!


If you’re curious about our bedroom, you’ll just have to wait a bit longer. I want to show off the gorgeous cherry bed my dad made Nate and I for our wedding gift, but the walls are too hideous and the space too cramped for me to post anything without cringing. Give me another few months to decide how to fit everything in and you can see it. Or visit us, because we love visitors!

Until next time!


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