Good Tidings We Bring

December is always a busy, whirlwind month. I can’t believe the countdown to Christmas is single-digits already. Or that I can count the days on one hand! What a beautiful time of year. Everywhere I turn I’m reminded of the things God has blessed me with and the things I will never stop being thankful for. Speaking of blessings…


Six months today, can you believe it?

Last week was our little ugly sweater Christmas party. So glad I got to spend the evening playing games and chatting with these lovely people!


On a completely different note, I finished the window painting and we anchored it to the wall in the kitchen! I finished it a couple weeks ago, but the lighting in the kitchen is always dim so I’ve been waiting for a bright enough weekend morning to take a picture of it!


The trickiest part was the arch around the letters. My hand is steady, but not steady enough to make a perfectly even line that makes a seamless half circle. There were quite a few slip ups and smudges before I was satisfied with the result!

I love big decor that fills wall space and doesn’t look cluttered. My free window frames were a fantastic find. And I still have a couple more to experiment with! Win.

And finally- little thrift store finds. I’m always hunting for things -little or big- to fit our living spaces. Usually I go big, because I hate cluttered looks, but these little candle holders fit so well with the living room colors I couldn’t say no! The $0.75 price tag didn’t exactly turn me away, either!


Until next time, much love!


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