The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


I cannot stress enough how much I love the month(-ish) between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Love, love, love. Everything about this time of year is just wonderful. The song about how wonderful this time of year is could not be more correct. Nate finally let me decorate and I can officially listen to Christmas music in the car! We bought our very first tree yesterday and scored an amazing $3.00 tree stand deal at Goodwill and bought all of our ornaments for less than $20. Win, win, win.

I am so excited for a very first Christmas together with Nate. Even though we’ve been together for over five years now (crazy!) we’ve never spent a Christmas together. You know, Lancaster… Buffalo. It’s a bit far.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, as was the five-and-a-half day break from school. Can you guess what I was doing these past five days? Besides Christmas decorating, of course.

DSCN3091 DSCN3092 DSCN3094

Nate and I started this guy back in September. We took off the hideous crackle paint and sanded out as much of the red beneath as possible. Then, we repainted:


And bought new hardware. And added wainscoting to fill in where the glass should have been when we found the cabinet. I am definitely pleased with how it turned out. I love remaking old/worn/beat-up furniture.

Next: a huge perk when you have an artist for a husband.

Nate and I picked up a bunch of old window frames for free a month or so ago and I’ve been aching to work on them. None of them are in terrible shape, so I pretty much just had to decide what I wanted them to frame or how I wanted them to function.

I knew I wanted to paint on at least one and hang it in the kitchen to cover up some wall space. I found a fantastic coffee design online and Nate recreated it in Illustrator (that’s the perk I was talking about). He even thought to make it backward so I could paint on the back of the window instead of the front. He is so clever.

DSCN3163DSCN3165 DSCN3167

The first coat is entirely on and I LOVE how it turned out. Definitely was a little nervous about how clean my lines would end up, but for painting on a stencil through a 1/4 inch of glass I’d say it worked pretty well. Thank goodness for fine motor! It’s sort of relaxing to slowly paint a design. If I get any spare minutes at home this week, you can guess what I’ll be doing!

And last (I know, so many things tonight!), Nate and I are hosting a tiny little Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. Tiny because our apartment only holds a handful of people. I am so excited! Christmas, party, people! It can’t get any better.


I folded some card stock into nifty little envelopes and typed up a fun little invite in Word. I don’t have a fancy design program like Nate, so I stick to the basics, hah. But for Word, I was pretty proud of my result. As I should be; it took me forever!

Apologies for the longest post in history – And if I don’t make it back here before Christmas, have a wonderful holiday!

Much love!


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