November Blows In

November is here already! I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. Fall is already halfway over, Halloween came and went, and even daylight savings is past. Time. Just. Flies.

Our little apartment is keeping us warm as the days grow chillier and chillier. Sometimes I forget that it does actually get cold here in southern Pennsylvania because there isn’t frost on the first of October (sorry again, Buffalo). Last Monday we were practically 80 degrees… and today? Forty-stinking-five. That’s okay, though! I’ll just snuggle up in a blanket, grab a cup of tea, and binge watch The Office.

Last weekend Nicole came to visit. We had just the best time! The weather was so perfect and sunny for her day and a half here. In the morning we walked around the block to the Central Market and bought some delicious loose leaf pumpkin spice tea from a stand. There were so many flavors I felt like it was almost impossible to choose, but how can you go wrong with pumpkin anything? So pumpkin it was. Then we explored all of the adorable streets in Lancaster on a wonderful, long, long walk.


My sister, for those of you who don’t know her, is practically a professional knitter. She is beyond talented (and patient!). Check out her blog here if you don’t believe me. So I took advantage of her amazing ability last weekend and had her help me create a knitting pattern for a chunky couch pillow. I saw a chunky pillow-case at Pottery Barn and instantly fell in love. Ever since then, I’ve had this craving for multiple chunky pillow cases on my couch, but for a hundredth of the price. So, we grabbed my A.C. Moore coupons, bought some knitting needles and yarn, and ran over to Marshall’s for a cheap, clearance pillow form.

The best thing about chunky pillows and chunky yarn is… it only takes a week to make a pillowcase! Also, another best thing is the soft, cozy huggable-ness of one. Just the best.


Much love!


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