A Pile of Paper

I have been feeling so crafty lately. Right now I feel like I could easily cut paper and paint furniture for the rest of my life. In honor of my blog title and of my love for all-things coffee, I have started working on a sweet little set of coffee-themed cards. So far, I love how they’re turning out!

DSCN3109  DSCN3115DSCN3110

This has been a busy weekend for us. We spent most of yesterday moving boxes and running moving-related errands. Thanks to the leasing policy of our current home, we have until the end of November to move out. Since there’s no rush to leave, then, we’re taking our moving slowly. If it takes us a few weeks to truck all of our stuff over to Prince Street, hey, no big deal. It’s certainly the most relaxing and non-stressful moving situation I’ve ever experienced. By the way, we’re looking for a generous and loving friend with a truck who would like to volunteer their services for a day next weekend…:) Just kidding, but really, if you have a truck and nothing to do next Saturday, we will feed you!

Last night Nate and I ran down to the corn maze Nate worked at for so many years and raced through the flashlight maze. Although, to be quite honest, “raced” is probably not the right term–it took us just over two hours to find all of the fifteen hidden maze pieces and wind our way back to the exit! It was a little chilly, but we bundled up with lots of layers! I even got to wear the awesome, color-block scarf my sister wove on her loom (yes, my sister is amazing and owns a loom). Best scarf ever.


Hopefully next weekend I’ll have some apartment pictures to share! The place is absolutely adorable.

Much love!


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