A cup of tea and a blanket

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend is curl up in a blanket with a hot cup of tea and a book. When the weather starts cooling down and the leaves start changing, I start heating up my kettle and pulling extra blankets out of the closet. Tea is so relaxing. There is something so comforting and soothing about a hot drink to sip and no place to go. It doesn’t look like Nate and I will have any moments like that in the next few weeks, but I can see them coming down the road.

The big news of the day: we are moving!

Nate and I are signing a lease for an apartment on Prince St in Lancaster! We will be just one block from the Prince Street Cafe and the Fulton. I am beyond excited to be living in the center of the cute little city I’ve relocated myself to. In many ways, I love it so much more than Buffalo. The art scene and culture is growing in Lancaster; the Saturday farmer’s market is full of local produce; the row homes are adorable and the downtown shops are unique and hip. We can’t wait to invite family and friends over for a meals and a stroll through downtown!

And for a few additions to our city-block home, we have some new furniture we are working on!

DSCN3091  DSCN3092  DSCN3094

I saw so much potential in this wooden cabinet and just had to have it! These pictures show the first stages of the work we did on it. Someone had tried to use distress paint over red paint, and did such a terrible job of it! We think that might be how it ended up in the trash in the first place! The third picture shows what it looked like after we sanded the entire thing down. It took us hours. That distress paint does not want to come off.

We ran to Lowe’s and bought some gray paint, wainscoting panels, and a sample of light turquoise paint. Hardware is next on our list. Nate and I are fans of simple, modern looking hardware, which means 90% of the furniture we buy to fix up need new handles and knobs. But hey, we figure if we’re going to fix up a cabinet we might as well do it right the first time. I don’t have a final picture to show you because it’s in the finishing stages, but hopefully we’ll find the time to finish it in the next week or two!

The second sweet little cabinet we found I am equally excited about!


I have too much coffee and tea. It’s true. Working at Starbucks during grad school set me up with pounds of coffee for several years at the rate I’m able to consume it. And I always like to have hot drinks and cute mugs to offer guests who are over. Hence, the coffee/tea cupboard. Someday, when we own our own house, I would love to mount something like this on the wall. For now it’ll just have to sit on the counter.

The cabinet was white when we found it. The gray paint we had from the previous cabinet was just perfect for this one!

The plan for this guy is to change up the plastic hardware it came with and paint the insets on the doors with some kind of fun pattern. I’m tempted to go chevron again, like I did on the nightstand, but I don’t know if Nate would appreciate a chevron-themed home. A wee bit girly, I think.

Last, but not least, I have completed the card set I started a few weeks ago! I am really enjoying making cards. They’re the perfect way to unwind and relax a little in the evening without digging into an ambitious scrapbook-sized project. Which reminds me, I still have a monstrous amount of that to catch up on…

DSCN3102  DSCN3101 DSCN3103  DSCN3104

I am definitely please with how all of these turned out.


Stay tuned for the conclusion of the DIY home furniture story!

Until next time, much love!


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