A Weekend Well Spent

This has been a wonderful long weekend. It was the perfect amount of time to get work done, relax, yard sale, and visit with friends. Nate and I spent much of the weekend working on the small night stand we picked up at the yard sale in Christiana last weekend. It was so much fun to spend time together and recreate a hideous piece of furniture!


We started with the sanding on Friday. I got my final summer tan sitting outside and sanding off the old finish for an entire morning. While I sanded, Nate knocked off the dated trim. We sanded smooth the grooves in the top. We filled the holes, scratches and scrapes with putty. We took off the old, ugly hardware. By the end of Day 1, we were already satisfied with how it was changing.


If I had a cabin, this would have been perfect.

Saturday we didn’t do too much other than touch up some sanding and put on a first coat of spray paint. Since I decided I wanted chevron drawers, we decided a consistent brand of spray paint would be the way to go. Valspur flat spray paint turned out to have such a nice, modern, flat look to it. If you need to spray paint something, be warned it’s not the cheapest spray paint, but it has a great result!

Oh, and Nate cut a board to fill in the gap along the bottom. He did such an awesome job. It looks like it’s been there all along.

Sunday evening we finished painting the frame and drawers.


Then I used masking tape (because we’re cheap and didn’t want to buy painter’s tape) to mask out the chevron.


This morning we spray painted over the drawers with a blue-gray color to finish it off. Nate attached our new hardware (so much better) and we were finished!

DSCN3058 DSCN3061

I am SO pleased with how it turned out. It looks almost nothing like it did before – I can’t believe it is the same piece of furniture! I cannot wait to have a place to stick this little night stand. I’ve already told Nate that our next apartment needs to have two bedrooms so my old iron frame bed and this night stand have somewhere to live. So if you visit us post-October, you just may get to use this sweet little table!

Here’s the beginning and the end – just to show you exactly how much this little dresser changed!

2014 Crafts

Until next time, much love!



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