Sometimes (confession: most of the time) I like to walk through home decor isles and build my dream home. I love the idea of painting walls, fixing up hardwood floors and updating light fixtures. Every time Nate and I end up at Lowe’s I stare down the kitchen isles, the lighting isles, the backyard patio isles… you get the idea. I cannot wait to own a home I can decorate however I like. Nate and I were poking around online, seeing what was generally available in Lancaster City, and the possibilities I see in these brick row homes are endless. It makes me giddy just thinking about all of the revamping and refinishing that could happen in some of these places.

Now, Nate and I are not about to go out a buy a home, in case that was the conclusion you jumped right to. We have quite a bit of leftover college loans to kick before any home buying begins (thank you, Houghton College). But, when a town yard sale yields a few perfect someday-home treasures, well…

I just can’t pass those up.

For a grand total of $7.00, we made out yesterday with two solid wood pieces of furniture: a small set of drawers to hold my crafting supplies in a more eye-appealing way and a giant wire spool of some kind that can eventually become a coffee table! I cannot even begin to describe how excited I was to find the spool. What a perfect, rustic, DIY treasure. I am in love.


I can’t wait to sand down, refinish, paint, stain and recreate these two. The drawers are begging for some new hardware, and I do love Lowe’s…

I’ve just about finished my revamped cork map project. I am so excited with how it turned out! I was a little nervous adding Alaska and Hawaii in the bottom corner; I thought they might look squished down there. All is well, and they filled in that space nicely. I’m waiting on a Colorado map to come in the mail to replace the magazine image I put in, but other than that we are up to date! Now to convince Nate we need to travel some more to fill all those other states in…


I adore crafting. Until next time, much love.



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